Weis Markets Employee Review
Weis Markets - "I hate working for Weis Markets"
Pros: Flexible working hours which are great if you're a full time student like me.

Cons: They usually switch out the store manager at least once a year. They are hit or miss; you will have a great manager or a bad manager. They will MAKE you get carts if you're a male even if you're not in the front end department. Terrible pay for the amount of work you do; I've had to do 3-4 people's jobs and I don't qualify for any bonuses or a better raise because corporate doesn't care who you are or how much work you do, it's all about making you work for whatever they're willing to pay you which is NEVER enough for the amount of work you will do for these people. They WILL cut hours where they can, even if that means someone calling off and making other people work twice as hard to make up for the slack because the boss didn't want to call anyone in to cut hours. Customers are angry because only 2 registers because corporate only allows us so many front end hours per week.

Overall, I hate working for Weis Markets. I should have worked for Target instead, or even Wal-Mart. At least Wal-Mart starts paying their cashiers at $8/hr which is more than what I can say for Weis. Target will start you out at minimum wage depending on what department you're in, but at least their front end is more organized and there are always more than 2 registers open.
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