Naegeli Reporting Company Reviews
"I have been here for several months. The environment is definitely dynamic. I believe that this will be my final job. Marsha built this empire ..."
"I have an excellent working relationship with my boss, she is by far the best boss I have ever had in my 20 years. She is driven and pulls the best ..."
"Everyday I learn something new and am guided to the right path. The people are very appreciative of the work that is done. I go home each night ..."
"If you are a professional, and are dedicated to producing a superior product, then Naegeli Reporting is where you need to ..."
"One of the top PROS at Naegeli is that every negative situation is dealt with, which allows this Company to function the way a Company should and the ..."
"Best place I've worked for. Marsha is a good mentor by helping me grow not only personally, but professionally. Compassionate, considerate and ..."
"Pros: If you are pretty you should do well but if you are not you only got the job because they were desperate and will be fired as soon as they find ..."
"Workers for Naegeli Reporting are not allowed to fraternize. If you are caught catching up or grabbing a drink after work hours this is grounds for ..."
"A completely dishonest environment where everyone on both sides are consistently lied ..."
"Pros: Good views.
Cons: Too many to list. Employees are treated like ..."
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