The eBossWatch National Sexual Harassment Registry is a database and search tool for conducting searches to obtain publicly available information about people who have been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The eBossWatch National Sexual Harassment Registry was inspired by the FBI's National Sex Offender Registry, which tracks and provides information about registered sex offenders.

The mission of the National Sexual Harassment Registry is to help put an end to sexual harassment by enabling people to better evaluate potential employers and by sending a strong message to those intending to harass their employees or coworkers that they will be publicly held accountable and will suffer serious consequences for their abusive actions.

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Note: Only a very small percentage of sexual harassment complaints end up in court as most cases are settled before they go to trial. Because of this, the eBossWatch National Sexual Harassment Registry includes information on various types of sexual harassment complaints that have been filed, including those that have gone to trial, those that have been settled out of court, and those that have not yet been resolved. Therefore, not all of the people listed in the eBosswatch registry have been found by a jury to have committed sexual harassment.

Please read our FAQs for more information about the National Sexual Harassment Registry.


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