Workplace Bullying
Workplace bullying is defined as the use of repeated hostile behavior against a coworker or subordinate. Workplace bullying behavior can include verbal, nonverbal, psychological, or physical harassment as well as humiliation.

A recent workplace bullying survey found that 37% of workers, or about 54 million Americans, have been subjected to workplace bullying at some point in their careers. The vast majority, 72%, of workplace bullies are bosses.

Furthermore, the study found that 62% of employers ignore the bullying problem. Although 45% of workplace bullying victims suffer stress-related health problems, only 3% of bullied workers file lawsuits against their employer.

We believe it's best for people to try to avoid workplace bullying altogether. This is why it's so important for people to rate their good or bad bosses so that job seekers can research potential employers on sites like the eBossWatch before accepting a job offer.

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